Unleash your creativity and create stunning embroidery designs
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Create embroidery designs using a graphical editor. Supports connecting four PR-1000 and upgraded PR-650 machines with built-in queue functionality.

PE-DESIGN NEXT takes digitizing and embroidery to the next level of creativity with exceptional new features. A user-friendly graphical interface, similar to many software programs on the market today, makes it easy to locate and select the dynamic functions of this software. In addition, the quick access toolbar allows you to customize your favorite operations so they are only a quick click away. Several "Start Your Own Business" functions have been added such as the new PE-DESIGN® NEXT Link Function that allows up to four PR-1000 and upgraded PR-650 machines to be linked from a single computer with queue functionality. Other time savers are the lettering and design template feature, which provide the ability to create perfectly sized logos with lettering and designs, and the new Name Drop Template feature that can be used to create different names with the same design and layout. Many other exciting features such as enhanced lettering, more stitch and pattern variations and more built-in fonts have been added to make your digitizing and lettering projects a breeze.

Enhanced Functions for Creating Stitching Variations:
- The stitching variations available for line sewing (Line sew type) has been increased.
- Stem stitch
- Candlewicking stitch
- The Create Floral Pattern command has been added. This command can be used to create floral patterns by drawing spirals based on the selected shape.
- The Mirror Copy and Circle Copy commands have been added. These commands create patterns using horizontal/vertical mirror copies (Mirror Copy) or copies of the selected pattern arranged on a circle (Circle Copy).
- The Create Offset Lines command has been added. This command allows any number of offset lines to be drawn inside or outside of a pattern.
- The Decorative Pattern command has been added. With this command, a pattern that surrounds a selected object can easily be added.

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